SMANSASOO | Bersama, Berkreasi dan Berprestasi

  1. The finalists will come to the judging room in turn (based on the rank of the preliminary round). There will be 2 judges at the judging room.
  2. The finalists will watch a video for around 4 minutes.
  3. They are allowed to take a note while watching it.
  4. The finalists are given 2 minutes for preparing their presentation about the video.
  5. They must retell about the video they just watched with their own words in 5 minutes for the maximum time. The finalists are allowed to have their notes in case they need the points they want to present, not to read it all the time during the presentation.
  6. The scoring aspects of this final round are: Content (relevancy, structure )40%, Delivery (gesture, intonation, fluency, manner) 30%, Language (pronunciation, grammar, diction) 30%

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